Exciting news📢🎉for the innovation and investment worlds: Cycle Momentum and Propulia Capital announce their partnership, bringing together two platforms with a common goal: to create positive change🙌 for our planet and its inhabitants.

Cycle Momentum’s innovative program combined with Propulia Capital’s passion for creating real impact, suggests that this partnership will generate great outcomes.

We can’t wait to see what collaborations and solutions emerge from this union of forces. The Future of Cleantech Investing is Here🚀.

Link-up with Propulia Capital & Cycle Momentum to support sustainable solutions – accelerate your business and impact our planet!

To know more: www.cyclemomentum.com & www.propuliacapital.ai

Propulia Capital is an investment platform, founded by entrepreneurs and business operators, with the mission to propel solutions that improve the well-being of people, communities, and the planet. What sets their team apart is their passion for achieving real impact and creating value, by facilitating opportunities and working alongside the companies in their portfolio.

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